Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Green leader

In Askari`s (2001) article “USA: Ford CEO Says He`s Green”, she points out that the CEO of Ford is a “green” person who devotes himself to the environmental preservation. First, he spent his own money and time on researching the causes of environmental issues. Because of this, many authorities gave him high marks for his personality, especially the executive director of the Michigan Environmental Council. Second, she claimed that the engine which uses the renewable and clean resources will take the place of the internal combustion engine. Because using the limited resource is not a long term program for the manufacture of cars, the age of the internal combustion engine is coming to an end. Third, Ford quit the organization that is against the effort to control the carbon dioxide emission. Although Ford is still producing SUVs which “drink” gasoline and emit a lot of exhaust gas, he made a proclamation that Ford will be working on increasing the fuel efficiency of the SUVs. Finally, Ford gave a 5 million dollar subscription to the Audubon Society, which is an environmental organization. It is said that the fund is the largest one in the society`s history, which shows the determination of Ford to be “green”.

As the world is becoming green, the people are learning to be “green”. Some people think that they do need to preserve nature, because that will not change a lot of the environment by their personal effort. It should be some big organization or the millionaire, such as the government and the celebrity. However, some people argue that even though a person`s ability is limited, we can gather as many people as we can because a plenty of “ones” makes all. If everyone gives a little contribution, it will be a lot after adding all. Should the leader of the auto company demand himself to be an environment protection person? The answer is they should be green.

First, he will be a good example to his workers and to other auto companies because he is the leader of the company who is regarded as an idol by his staff and a symbol to other companies. All strategies of the company are considered by the CEO and all the strategies reflect the concerns of the leader, the profits or the environment. So the leader, especially the automaker, should make a good example for his subordinates nor only in his work but also in his life. For example, the car he is driving could not be the most expensive but the most environment-protecting. That will lead the others to learn from him.

Second, it is a person`s responsibility to demand of himself to care about the nature. Moreover, the leader must be highly educated and knows what responsibility he has. We are living in a polluted environment. But where does pollution come from? The factory is the answer. But the pollution is manmade. All the waste is made by humans. So is the pollution. For instance, if you broke your neighbor`s window, do you have the responsibility to fix it? The result is, absolutely, yes. Therefore, we polluted the earth, which means that we are on duty to clean it and make it green. Also, we should tell our children to do the same thing because the sense of responsibility is a human`s basic quality.

Third, it will purify the human soul. Why do people make many mistakes and always make the same mistakes? Because they are never think about what they did, why they did it and whether it was worthwhile or not. If a CEO would question himself about why he has to do something and what it will cause, his spirit will be developed. Over and over, he has renewed himself many times. After that, what he says and what he does will be more efficient and reduce the falseness in his work. Thus, it is necessary for him to demand of himself to make a contribution to the environment.

In conclusion, it is obvious to demand that the CEO to require himself to be an environmental protection person. Not only it is his responsibility, but also that is the high-way to improve himself. Also, the action of preserving the environment will influence others` opinion and educate the next generation to have the same sense of responsibility. Then we will not only live on a green earth, but also a human civilized planet.

Askari, E.,(2001). USA: Ford CEO says he is green. Detroit Free Press.
Retrieved Mar 28, 2008, from CORPWATCH database


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