Thursday, February 28, 2008

“Who” can remove the “bomb” of population

“$5,000 each baby ,get more babies,get more discount!”this was a headline in a Chinese newpaper several years ago.The article was about selling babies because there were too many in the poor families and they can not feed them enough food.It is terrible that the human beings can be sold. Somehow,people must do something to stop it .So the population control policies and it should be put in place right now .These strateges can not only stop these but also bring us many benefits in many fields such as environment,economy and education.

The first reason why population control policies shouled be put in place is because of the environment benefits.The larger the population is ,the more pollution there will be.For example,the Chinese population is 1.3 billion because most of the families have more than five children before the using the population control policies ,and especially in the northeast of China,the sky was not blue but black because it was polluted by the exhaust gaswhich came from the large number of industrial constructs were built by the reason of large population,thus if the population is be controlled by the population control policies,the sky will never be black on the grounds that only a few industrial will be built when consider about the small population .And also the resources are in danger,especially that can not be recreated such as oil ,coal and fossal fuel.If the population control policies are stopped, there would be more and more people using those limited resource.Already in China there is still shortage of food resource in some place even with population control policies.Consequently it is necessary for the people to reduce the pollution and save the resource for protecting the environment where people live and want to live longer.

The second consideration is economic benefits with population control policies the economy is the fundamental affair of any country.The government would save money on public basics instead of spending the money on food and clothes for the extra poor persons.For instance,because of the small population of Carbondale ,there could be some public buildings like REC Center and Health Center .Otherwise if there is a large population ,the government can`t save any money to build the REC Center.On another way, small population maybe make the tax lower because there is less poor people to look after.As a result, the government should be so generouse that they control the tax to be lower or free.It`s obvious that the population control policies need and should be put in place.

The last factor is the educational benefits.The population effects what education a child could have.For instance,in China most of the families supported by farming is so poor that they need their children to work in the field.Sometimes there are two children or more, they can afford only one child `s expense of studying but the others have to work in the field.It is very difficult to choose which one to go to school.Thus they draw lots by getting the piece of paper on which is written the Chinese character that means study.It is “illegal” to seize someone`s rights to study but it is real. Also large population could damage the quality of education. In some Chinese universities ,there are about 100 students in the smallest class and only one professor.Nobody can learn something useful,what`s more,it is too difficult to communicate with the professor..Finally the quality of education must be worse and worse.That is why the population control policies should be put in place,not only for us,but also for all next generations.

Opponets of the population control policies says that the population control policies is against the human rights.However ,this criticisim is untrue that the population control policies are protecting the human rightsThe population control policies is protecting all the human`s rights.For instance, a family has 5 children and enough food to bring them up.But one day the parents want more children,later they have another 5 children which is their rights.However their food is not enough .After using up the food ,what they can eat.In addition,what can the children`s generation have?Nothing.In other words who will protect the grandsons` and granddaughters` rights to own what they should possess?Nobody cares because they are not born in the world . Hence,the population control policies should be be put in place as to protect all the humans` rights.

In conclusion, we know the importance of putting the population control in place. If we do not protect the nature ,people will be unable to see the sunshine through the” black sky”.If the population control policies are adopted ,we will get enough money to live and hand out lower taxes,never worry about how to fill up our stomachs,besides ,the next generation will get qualified education.Finally,we will live healthier and happier lives.Theremore our offspring must appreciate the right decision their fathers make today.



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